Core Capabilities.


Specialty Transportation Services

Refrigerated, dry flatbed freight services

Logistics consulting

Custom transport solutions designed and fabricated in-house at our central repair and maintenance facility.

Load configuration drawings.

Route surveying and analysis from origin to destination

Load Permit Processing services.

Oversize and Permitted Commodities:

Heavy and Oversize Equipment

Construction Equipment


Steel including: Curved and Straight steel members, Plate Girders, Haunch Girders, Wide Flange Beams, Box and Tub Truss Panels Columns Steel Beams etc.

Concrete, including: Box Beams, I-Beams, Bulb Tees, Double Tees, Columns, Beams, Refrigerated Units, Piles etc.


Our Fleet Includes

Steerable Dollies - with multi-axle configurations available from 3 to 17 axle setups.

Removable Gooseneck Trailers or RGNs - ranging anywhere from 2-10 axle setups to extend-able RGNs.

Pole Trailers - 3 axle single and double pole configuration.

Extendable’s ranging from 73-81' in 2-3 axle configurations.

Refrigerated Trailers up to 53'

Flat Beds - 43-48'

Step Deck Trailers up to 53’

Dry Van Trailers up to 53’

Past Military Experience


We service clients throughout the contiguous United States

Steel Fabricators

Pre-stressed & Precast Concrete Manufacturers

Highway Contractors

Commercial Building Contractors

New and Used Machinery Sales Companies

Crane Rental Companies

Energy Contractors

Importers and Exporters